Decorating Checklist: Set Your Home For Fall


The season changes always inspire us to fix and change some of the decorations in our homes. As the air gets colder and the day begins to get shorter, we focus on making some cozy changes to our decor to transition to fall.

With that in mind, there are easy ways to update your rooms and prepare for the cozier days ahead. Fall decorating updates don’t have to be necessarily drastic.

But small changes—whether it’s throw pillows, swapping out artwork, or tabletop decor—help your home adjust to the season and make your space reflect what’s happening outside.

Keep reading, I’ve got your fall decor checklist ready with small changes that you can make in every room of the house!


Embrace the beautiful fall color palette in big and small ways. Say “Goodbye” to the bright and neon hues of summer, and “Hello” to the warm reds, tans, ochers, and jewel tones that scream fall! 🍂

But wait! ✋ I’m not saying that you have to repaint your space or make any big purchases to bring these colors into your rooms.

Make some simple fall decor updates by swapping your pillow covers, layering in touches of gold and brass accents, or simply using seasonal flowers in shades of reds and oranges.


Swap out your summer fabrics for cozier pillows, throws, and textures. It’s all about embrace snug fabrics, such as cashmere and wool, in many small ways.

Think in leather and velvet cushions, chunky cable knit blankets, a warm duvet, and fluffy sheepskin rugs.

No need to stop there – grainy wood accents and warm woven textures can enrich spaces as well. Add baskets and wooden bowls as accents or pulling in a small bench with a woven seat in your living room or bedroom.

Focus on fall color palettes by playing with saturated colors in your accents—whether earth, jewel tones, or even rich materials like leather. All of these add a significant element of warmth to space.

Decorating Checklist Set Your Home For Fall | ALL ABOUT LAYERING


The easy way to imbue your home with a cozy vibe is by pile your many pillows and throw blankets, on all the rooms of your home, from the bedroom to the living space. ✨

While spring and summer are all about simplicity, in fall and winter, you might focus on layering; Baskets to help store more cozy necessities like pillows and throws.

Are you thinking about hosting movie marathons and game nights? Be sure you pile some extra pillows onto your sofa for added comfort; now’s the time to get a few small ottomans or poufs that you can quickly move around for additional seating or use as impromptu side tables.


Autumn is always the beginning of the holiday season. We get a little more social and spend our days in family gatherings and cocktail parties. Year-end festivities have always sneak up on all of us, so fall is the best time to update your decor.

Making sure you have extra seating space spread across your living and dining room. Consider adding a bar cart for drinks, or even just trays to make serving simple.

And if you’re expecting overnight guests at some point during the season, make sure your guest room has all the essentials. The key is to start now because the holidays will be here before you know it!


Whether it’s hanging plug-in sconces next to a bookcase or moving a floor lamp over to a reading corner, good lighting will add a romantic and moody glow to your fall evenings.

The proper lighting will also bring in the season’s overall festive mood! So, consider incorporating a table lamp to your entry or some new pendants to brighten up your dining room.

And of course, don’t forget to sprinkle your rooms with candlelight as finishing touches that add elegant glimmer.


It is not strictly necessary to use fall season decor to freshen up the look of a room for fall.

You can also make simple decor changes – apply some artwork that you don’t display year-round for a unique fall flair.

Take out the smaller bowls and catchalls to store fall decorations like pumpkins, leaves, and gourds.


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