Home Staging: How to DIY Your Project


When deciding to put your home up for sale, staging is an important aspect that many homeowners tend to overlook. A recent study by RESA (the Real Estate Staging Association) shows homes that were staged first spent 90% less time on the market. 

However, many homeowners often think that staging your home for viewings can end up costing you extra money. 

And while there are amazing professional home staging companies that you can hire to spice up your home before it reaches the market, there are also DIY methods that you can do for free. So, if you want to learn about how, you can DIY stage your home, keep on reading!

DIY Home Staging Tips and Tricks

To increase the chance of your home selling quickly on the market, try using these DIY methods to help spruce up the interior and exterior of your home.

1. Clean up the Exterior of Your Home

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential home buyers will see. This is why it’s important to set the tone and make a good first impression. Therefore, you should:

  • Mow your front lawn.
  • Clean and trim any landscaping you may have.
  • Power wash your driveway.
  • Make sure the numbers on your home are clean and stand out.
  • Consider adding pots of flowers on your front porch or some décor that feels warm and welcoming.

2. Fix Small Imperfections

Over the years, it’s common for things around your home to diminish. This can lead to chipped paints, stains, scratches, and more. While this may not seem like a deal-breaker, potential home buyers notice everything. This is why you should consider spending time fixing the blemishes throughout your home to provide it with a polished look.  

3. Clean and Declutter Your Home

Family life commonly comes with clutter that can take up space throughout your home and make it appear smaller. Therefore, before your showings, homeowners should consider removing any clutter from around their homes. This will help each room appear larger in its square footage and help potential home buyers picture how their furniture and belongings would fit into your home. Additionally, you should also spend time cleaning your home to ensure a fresh finish.

4. Bring in the Light

Lighting is an important visual aspect of any home. Therefore, on the day of your showings make sure to make each room as bright as possible by opening the blinds and turning all the lights on to create a warm and airy atmosphere.

5. Play With Scents

Playing with scents can help entice positive emotions in potential home buyers and leave a lasting impression once they leave your home. Therefore, you should consider lighting candles or incense such as warm vanilla or cinnamon to make the home feel more inviting.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering putting your home up for sale, staging can help you sell quicker in a competitive market. But if you are on a budget and can’t spend any money on a staging company, you can always stage your home for success by using the DIY methods listed above that are guaranteed to enhance the interior and exterior appeal of your home.

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