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We’re not sure about you, but we get the itch to make some updates to our homes at the start of a new year. Perhaps it’s the freshness of the year that makes us want to freshen up the space where we live, too? Or maybe it’s the absence of holiday decor that feels like a clean slate, welcoming interior design updates. Or it could be all the talk of new trends. Whatever it is, we’re here for it!

A New Year refresh is the perfect way to hit the reset button after a challenging year—a visual reminder that this year will be different. It’s also a great way to make space for new habits and hobbies or try a new trend! But interior design updates require money. Just because we change calendar years doesn’t mean we magically have a bank account full of cash to spend! But here’s some good news: even if you have just a little bit of money saved, there are a ton of great ways to refresh on a budget!

Read on for our best tips on how to give your home a refresh. We are giving recommendations on stretching your dollars at three different price points —$100, $500, and $1,000. We’ll show you how to focus these updates on different rooms throughout your home for the most impact.

New Year Living Room Refresh


Your living room is often where you spend the most time in your home, so that makes it an excellent prospect for a new year’s refresh! Swapping out some things in this space will offer a visual reset that can help start 2022 on a different note. And, since it’s a space everyone in your household uses, these updates can be enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family!


Stylist Recommendation: Throw Pillows

If you only have $100 to spend in a living room, updating your throw pillows will have the most significant impact on your space —even if it’s just one or two—can completely transform the vibe of your living room. 

You can go from neutrals to bold patterns to ramp up the energy in your living room. Swap blues for cheerful yellows and greens to welcome an early spring to your home! Throw pillows are affordable and are an easy way to reset the color scheme. 

Want to make your money go even further? Keep the inserts of your existing pillows and swap the covers since pillow covers tend to be less expensive than a whole new pillow! And don’t be afraid to shop the sale section!


Stylist Recommendation: Accent Decor

Concentrating on small accent decor pieces throughout your living room will make a significant distinction in the feel of your space. This can be anything from art, vases, and decorative objects to small accent furniture like side tables. In fact, this is one of our favorite easy ways to refresh your living room. 

Want a more significant change? Bring in a new side table, a few minor objects (like vases), plus a piece of art or decor that you really love! All of these pieces add personality to your space—so bringing in new pieces will definitely refresh your living room’s vibe.


Stylist Recommendation: Accent Furniture

Like accent decor, new accent furniture—like coffee tables, armchairs, side tables, and even rugs—can completely change a space’s look and feel. If you have $1,000 extra to spend on updates, we will begin by investing in a rug, which can entirely redefine a space and incorporate new colors, patterns, and textures into your room. Then, use any spare money for an additional piece of accent furniture.

New Year Bedroom Refresh


If your New Year’s resolution involves being more intentional about self-care, a bedroom refresh might be just what you need to reinvigorate yourself and set the mood for the new year! Your bedroom is (hopefully) your sanctuary within your home. And, during a time when we can’t get out much, this room has also become one of the only private spaces within your home where you can retreat from your kids, pets, and the demands of life.


Stylist Recommendation: Pillows & Blankets

Bedrooms are all about coziness and relaxation—so if you can only update one thing, let it be a cozy one! New decorative throw pillows and blankets will add softness and warmth to your room.

Plus, they are a small, budget-friendly way to dabble in interior design trends—bringing new colors and texture to your space. We also recommend getting in a new storage basket or other woven elements to make a powerful impact!

Don’t have a budget for updates? Bring your living room throw pillows into your bedroom and your bedroom throw pillows into your living room! They may not be new—but in a different context, they’ll feel fresh! It’s an easy, no-cost way to shake up the vibes of both spaces.


Stylist Recommendation: Bedding

Is there anything like that new sheet feeling? We’re big believers that it’s one of the best investments you can make in your home! Refreshing your bedding with fresh sheets, pillowcases, and comforters can completely transform a bedroom. Not to mention that it’s worth spending on high-quality pieces. Look for plush materials that can be layered to build the ultimate cozy bed!


Stylist Recommendation: Accent Furniture

Accent furniture like nightstands, lighting, rugs, and a side chair or bench can really elevate your bedroom. But the pieces you choose would depend on how you want to use your bedroom this year.

Ready to get more intentional with your routine? Maybe a new nightstand (stocked with bedside essentials) will help your evening routine, while a new floor mirror or vanity can inspire you to hop out of bed in the morning!

Aligning your intentions for the new year with the furniture you buy will help your purchases make even more of an impact on your life!

New Year Home Office Refresh


Home offices are spaces we want to prioritize organization and productivity. So, naturally, that’s what we recommend focusing your updates on! Fortunately, it really doesn’t take much to take your home office from acceptable to totally inspiring.


Stylist Recommendation: Decorative Accessories

New accessories for your desk can make your day-to-day work life run much smoother. Whether it’s a new lamp for better lighting, a small plant, or artwork to keep you inspired, a few desktop updates can give you a whole new viewpoint on work! Keep it simple but impactful.


Stylist Recommendation: Organizational Systems

Focus on organizational systems if you have more money to play with. Bring some storage furniture pieces into your space, whether a credenza, filing cabinet, or bookcase. This will give your room to store essential files and documents and help you feel ultra-organized! Once you have the furniture picked out, bring in file folders and document boxes and spend a bit of time getting all your affairs in order!


Stylist Recommendation: Furniture

New furniture will, of course, have the most considerable impact on your space. Consider a new desk and office chair if you already have long-term options for those. These are pieces you can use for years to come! But if you’ve already invested in these pieces, bring in a new rug or an accent chair—Every good home office needs a space where you can walk away from your screen and do some brainstorming or take a coffee break!

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