How To Create A Picture Gallery For Under $100


Since i can remember, i have liked photography. “That little perpetual display of a memorable moment.” So it was not surprising that this idea of ​​creating a picture gallery appealed to me so much.

However, frames and prints’ costs can get expensive, considering that a single frame can cost up to $30.00

But, I finally got on to the project and put together a super simple guide on how to create a beautiful gallery wall without breaking the bank.

This project’s entire cost was around $100, and it took about a half hour to accomplish.

So let’s dive in on how i did it.✨

How To Create A Picture Gallery For Under $100


A large expanse of space is perfect for creating a personalized art or picture gallery wall.

Great rooms for gallery walls include the foyer, living room and bedrooms. In my case, I pick an empty wall next to my breakfast nook.

Determinate the location by holding your centerpiece against the wall to confirm the other pieces have enough room to hang lower, higher or level.


Assemble the artworks: paintings, photographs, drawings, sketches, and memorabilia.

Asses what you have and edit down the pieces, aiming for a harmonious overall look and feel, having enough options so that you can add and subtract as you go along.


First lay the pieces out on the floor to make sure the composition is balanced.

Trace the outer edges of the frame onto craft paper, and tape craft paper on the wall to get a better sense of how the wall will fit in your space. (I skipped this step but is really helpful)


Aim to keep the space between frames consistent. Flexibility is key: if one frame is very thick you may need to give some breathing room!


Determinate where to nail by measuring the distance from the top of the frame to the hanging wire or hole, then mark and make an “x” with that location onto the kraft paper.


Hang the art at eye level, or close to 5’7”. The bottom should be no more than 4’ off the ground. When installing artwork over furniture, leave at least 8” between the base of the frame and the top of the furniture.


If you are more of the video type, be sure to check out my step-by-step video guide down below…

I am so happy with how it turned out. Not only i improve the space next to my breakfast nook, but i also enjoy viewing my lovely family memories.


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