Hosting A Holiday Party In A Small Space


There’s plenty of anticipation surrounding social events in the run-up to the holidays. But here’s the rub – you have a small space! After all, it is peak hosting season, so you’re likely either planning to attend a few gatherings or throw one of your own.

Hosting a dinner party in any space can be challenging. But the struggle can be even more significant for those of us working with minimal square footage.

Not only do you have to negotiate cooking a spectacular meal in a pint-sized kitchen, but you also have to figure where everyone is going to sit. Not to mention fitting your feast on your tiny (or even non-existent) table!

If those struggles sound familiar, don’t fret! With a few layout tweaks and well-placed cocktails, even the smallest spaces can be home to great gatherings. Read on for my best small space ideas that are sure to make holiday hosting a breeze.

Small Space Holiday Party #2

1. Rearrange Your Whole Space

Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together with friends or a formal soiree, having space for guests to gather and socialize is an essential component of any party.

But what is the easiest way to achieve a sense of flow in your small space? Try switching up your layout! Move big pieces of furniture out of the way or relegate them to another room for the evening. 

If you can’t remove them altogether, try putting them along the walls so you can maximize the open area where people can socialize.

2. Put Every Surface to Work

Now that you’ve created an open area, you might wonder where you’re going to put all the snacks and appetizers.

Instead of creating one designated place for all food and drinks, consider peppering your space with several mini snack stations. Don’t be afraid to clear off your desk and use all your side tables. Even bookcases can be repurposed for the evening as tiered serving surfaces to keep your guests satiated with sweets, savories, and libations!

Small Space Holiday Party #3

3. Use Your Whole Home

Have more guests than your living room can comfortably hold? Consider welcoming them into other areas of your home, like your kitchen, dining room, or even outdoor spaces.

Encourage people to meander through your home by serving a dedicated cocktail or snack in different rooms. As the host, you’ll always chat with people and tell them to feel free to hang out anywhere – not just in the living room.

4. Consider Where You Put the Drinks

What does every good host do? Put a drink in your hand as you come through the door. Unfortunately, in small spaces, this can lead to a traffic jam of people at the entrance where space is even more limited.

Does this sound like your home? Consider greeting your guests at the front and directing them to a drink station in the back. It will help alleviate any entryway bottlenecks and encourage flow through your space.

Small Space Hosting Party #4

5. Set the Mood

What makes a good party even better? The ambiance with the right decor! Set the perfect cozy mood with string lights, candles, and whatever seasonal decor you like. 

Remember, every area can add to the atmosphere, so don’t shy away from putting a few bits of decor in the bathroom, hidden hallways, or other places your guests might only visit for a few moments.

6. Keep Your Cool

It’s great people who have a great party. If you can make your guests feel at home and relaxed, the size of your space doesn’t matter. Be creative and rethink your living space entirely, at least for the evening.

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