Three Tips For Designing Kidfriendly Rooms

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If you’re looking to design a kidfriendly space that balances style and function, you’ve come to the right place. Designing a beautiful home can feel like a real struggle as a parent. We want to create a space that is safe and welcoming for kids, without it feeling like you live in PeeWee’s Playhouse (Sorry PeeWee). 🤡

I’m a big believer in the idea that beautiful design and a home full of children are not mutually exclusive. I’m here to arm you with a few practical and stylish design tips that will help you crack the code of making your home the ultimate kid-friendly (and adult approved) hangout space.

Find A Forgiving Rug

I love natural fiber rugs because they come in large sizes at affordable prices, but if you’re not a fan, consider an indoor/outdoor rug instead. Available in a range of colors, patterns, and sizes, these rugs are made to withstand heavy wear. A great option for kidfriendly homes or households with furry friends too!

Avoid silk and synthetic fibers, which stain easily and can be expensive to clean, and opt for a wool or natural fiber rug instead.

Choose Fabrics That Do More

When we talk about kid-friendly living rooms, your sofa, chairs, and pillows will all be subject to climbing, jumping, spills, and even become the canvases for various arts and crafts projects. Give your furniture a leg up on the competition by picking fabric options that balance comfort and practicality.

What to look for:

Durable Fabrics: For upholstered furniture (like sofas or chairs) look for fabrics with tight weaves and high rub counts. These are sure signs of durability and mean these pieces can take more wear and tear than your average furniture.

Leather: If you’re willing to spend a bit more, leather is a great option because you can easily wipe away spills. No need to worry about scratches, as these marks and scuffs will blend right in as your leather sofa develops a patina over time.

Velvet: Turns out, synthetic velvet is great for customers with kids or pets since it’s much easier to care for. We’ve found that stains don’t soak in as deep and the color doesn’t fade as much in direct sunlight, compared to cotton velvet.

Patterns: Pieces with busy patterns or multi-tonal fabrics will also help to disguise blemishes. Opt for a chair, rug, or even pillows sporting a bold or graphic print!

Slipcovers are another great choice for your family’s home. When spills happen, simply pull off the cover and toss it into the wash.

Get Strategic With Your Storage

There’s no denying that kids have a lot of stuff. From toys to art supplies, to books and backpacks, a kid-friendly space should always incorporate plenty of low-maintenance, kid-approved storage.

Choose enclosed or stashable storage which easily conceals clutter and helps keep your space looking neat with minimal effort. AKA you’ll spend less time cleaning/organizing and have more time to play with your kids.

A credenza, for example, is great for storing toys and small knickknacks and can do double-duty as a TV stand. An ottoman, coffee table or bench with interior storage is another great option. A few pretty baskets lined up against the wall are also great for stashing toys and clutter in a pinch (and look much cuter than plastic bins).

Stylist Note

All practicality aside, spaces designed for kids should feel welcoming for your entire family. Mix in some fun, colorful artwork on your walls to give your space a less serious note that your kids will appreciate. Consider incorporating a play corner into your living space. This way, adults can supervise from a distance while kids have fun nearby.

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