• The offer is subject to a minimum spend.

• The Juicy Edit reserves the right to refuse the issue of any reward to any Referred Friend or Advocate at any time.

• The Juicy Edit reserves the right to vary any and all elements of this offer at any time without notice.

• The Juicy Edit reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to prevent any individual from participating in this or future promotions.

• Referral credit cannot be applied to previous purchases and is not redeemable for cash.

• This referral program is subject to modification or termination at any time without notice in our sole discretion.

I hereby release the designer, its legal representatives, assigns, and employees from all claims and liability relating to said materials.

6. Referrals and Rewards

If I, the undersigned, desire to cancel, reschedule, or if it becomes impossible for The Juicy Edit, Llc. to render services due to my own fault (or related parties), I shall provide notice as soon as possible via all provided means.

I, the undersigned, am not relieved of any payment obligations for canceled or rescheduled services, or should it become impossible for The Juicy Edit, Llc. to provide the services due to my own fault (or related parties) unless otherwise agreed in writing.

I understand that refunds are not available. In the unlikely event that The Juicy Edit, Llc. is unable to complete the project, every effort will be made to secure a suitable alternative. If the situation should occur and a suitable alternative is not found or agreed upon, responsibility and liability are limited to the return of all payments received for the package.

5. Cancellation & Refunds 

Due to the nature of online shopping, The Juicy Edit, Llc. has made every effort to portray recommended products and their colors and materials in the most accurate way on the design boards. The displayed colors of the products will depend upon the monitor of the user and cannot be guaranteed by The Juicy Edit, Llc. as an accurate portrayal of the actual color or material of the product.

We also make best efforts to estimate scale of your space based on Client provided photos and measurements but can’t guarantee that all recommended products will fit your space. Customers are required to measure their space to ensure that items fit prior to purchasing. Customers are required to ensure the return policy of any design item is to their liking.

Due to the ever changing nature of the internet, The Juicy Edit, Llc. does not guarantee, or warranty any of the products or merchandise purchased by you through the use of our services or those services of a service provider. Your only recourse or remedy for guarantee or warranty claims is directly with the manufacturer or producer of the merchandise.

While The Juicy Edit, Llc. will attempt to ensure that all retail product links are current in order to assist clients with purchasing design items, there is no guarantee that the furniture or accessories recommended by The Juicy Edit, Llc. will be available for purchase at all OR within a specific time frame due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet. If prices are provided as part of the design service recommendation, there is no guarantee that the price is the lowest price or that the customer will find the article at the similar price when they order.

4. Limitations

I agree to submit all requested materials in a timely manner, including but not limited to project questionnaire, space measurements, and quality photos.

Customers will receive design recommendations based on the Client provided project questionnaire, pictures, measurements, video or other material submitted by the client. Design is inherently subjective, however, and you agree that The Juicy Edit, Llc. cannot and does not warrant or guarantee your satisfaction with design services and/or ideas you receive from The Juicy Edit, Llc.

The Juicy Edit, Llc. will likely design initial board with more pieces than allotted for, per the budget, and that this is done as a service but that I am in no way obligated to purchase the additional pieces. I understand that time is of the essence when providing design feedback and requested communication with the designer and agree to provide that feedback within 72 hours of receiving the design concept. If Client fails to complete feedback within the 72 hour time frame, they may be subjected to additional charges.

Purchasing items prior to completion can drastically alter the final design, and I agree to refrain from making any purchases during the design process unless previously discussed.

Any additional services or fees beyond the terms listed at the top of this contract are to be invoiced separately.

I understand that all materials will be provided in digital form.

3. Design Process & Delivery 

I understand that full payment is due at the signing of this contract. Time is of the essence for receipt of payment and no rights are granted until timely payment is made in full.

2. Payment

The Juicy Edit, Llc. is an online interior decorating & consultation service, providing recommendations to improve the look of your space, and not intended for construction purposes.

The Juicy Edit, Llc. will not be responsible for any construction, fabrication, delivery, installation, or safety precautions in connection with the project; nor will The Juicy Edit, Llc. be responsible for arranging repairs, replacements, or freight claims for purchases made in connection with design recommendations.

The Juicy Edit, Llc. will own the copyright to all submitted files & images and reserves the right to use them for advertising, display, or any other purpose thought proper.

1. Overview of Services

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