I do not create designs or plans for renovations, I can give you a visual idea of the space by my plans are not to be used as construction documents. Plans are to be used as visual reference to implement a design plan. Since I don’t live in your area, I don’t know the design professionals; therefore, my plans are strictly for decor and design that you can do yourself. I do recommend hiring a licensed electrician (for lighting installations) or handyman to hang items that may need to be anchored into the wall.   

What is not offered in E-design services?

Only working on a couple of rooms? Would you like a more hands on experience? Are you a do-it-yourself type of person who is willing to put in some of the work? Yes? Then hiring an e-designer is perfect for you! E-design services are great for anyone who has an idea of what they want and needs help making that vision a reality.

Since this service is done remotely, e-design requires a little heavy lifting from the client such as measuring and installing but the designer takes care of the rest. No need to worry about piecing products together for a cohesive design or making sure the furniture will appropriately fit the space.  Once final designs are approved, products will be order and delivered with proper installation instructions.! 

Should I hire an e-Designer?

Many of my clients lead a busy life. Between raising kids and a full time job, they just don’t have the time to coordinate meetings with a designer or arrange orders for their decorations. Saving them time and money, we collaborate entirely through my personal online platform to create a unique and personal design plan. I also help a lot of DIYers execute designs that they helped to create through our collaboration. I love to save people money, so I look for the best deals possible.

Who is E-design for?

Online interior design (e-design) is the best way to get a professionally decorated home on a budget, entirely around your schedule, all online.

What is e-Design?

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