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It’s finally Summer! The season of sunshine, fresh air, shorts, and sandals. I know this current quarantine situation doesn’t allow us to enjoy this season correctly. Still, TODAY, i will share the best recipe with you to celebrate the changing seasons by giving your home a revitalizing update!

Color is the key to spruce up any space; think about warm colors and bring the outdoors inside! Whether it’s that colorful new sofa, festive poufs that help brighten up a room, or a fresh coat of paint, there are different ways to get close to a renovation with summer tones.

Now that we have long days and laid-back nights, summer is all about vacations and travel! You can find vibrant colors wherever you go, but some places have especially eye-catching palettes. I feel inspired by the colors of one of the favorite travel destinations – The Caribbean Islands!

To get in the spirit of summer (and satisfy our wanderlust), I designed these interiors based on this dream travel destinations’ iconic summer colors. Take a look and get inspired! 🌴 🍹✨


When it comes to tropical style, color is vital. Embrace bright and bold colors – and not just in accent pieces, but in furniture and even on your walls! This particular style comes to life through saturated, deep shades of all kinds. I recommend stick to a single color or a restricted palette to keep your space from feeling too over-the-top.

To brighten the tropical vibe in our space, i choose a palette reminiscent of a tropical island. Even though they’re bold, these cool tones feel more sophisticated and comfortable than an area with only warm tones.

“The tropical style isnt afraid to be colorful.”


This look allows you to play with different textures and materials styles. With that in mind, I say mix textures and patterns and never look back!

For a truly tropical look, combine materials and textures, like jute, rattan, and straw.

“Think about organic elements.

Opt for modern or mid-century furniture to mimic the relaxed vibes of the Caribbean Beaches. Then add contemporary accents like this trendy chandelier, modern artwork or photographs, and splashes of white against the room.

Finish off by accentuating your sofa and chairs with vibrant cushions with fabrics and embroidery patterns. These layers give the foundations with clean lines a more dynamic look.


It could be in all shapes, materials, or colors; organic is the middle name of this tropical style. Curve and rounded forms always feel at home here, and the more inspiration you can draw from the natural world, the better.

I also like using natural materials that off-set the busyness of this style and give it a more relaxed, warm sensation. The perfect way to accent the tropical look is Rattan, and i especially love seeing it in light fixtures and chairs.


This style wouldn’t be complete without greenery! Indoor plants add more color and texture to your space – not to mention higher air quality.

Play with different plant styles throughout each space; big and bold floor plants and complement your surfaces with smaller options!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb – there are plenty of artificial plants out there that look real but require no maintenance!

What do you say, friend? Would you like to feel the homely touch of nature? Maybe you should try it!


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