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How to plan for your
next design project!

How to find the perfect color palette that match your style

How to plan & organize your next interior design project like a pro!


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How to find the perfect color palette that match your style

nEW semi - custom design kits
now in the shop!

How to create a color
palette that reflects
your unique style


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nEW semi - custom design kits
now in the shop!

How To Plan For Your
Next Design Project!

You have been browsing every corner of your home when you finally decided to refresh your living room and all its furniture. Everything is going great! Set it up the way you want it, and you’re ready to congratulate yourself (or sipping a deserved cup of coffee on your new sofa) when you realize something […]

May 16

It has been so many weeks inside, that you have likely identified all the corners of your home that you would like to improve. But with the current situation in which our economy is not at its best, I gave myself the task of bringing the way to update your home when you are on […]

May 13

EDesign, also known as online interior design (I’m also writing this, so my family knows what I’m doing), is primarily about convenience, affordable design fees, and reduced customer response times. It’s like the “drive-through” version of traditional interior design (Yes, just like ordering a McChiken to go). I’m not talking about design from one day […]

Feb 5

We all know that our interior design business may not survive without using any design software. Right? But I asked myself whether beyond the so famous CAD and BIM programs existed design software thought exclusively for interior designers? To my surprise, there are, and I cannot believe that I have lived so long in this […]

Jan 22

I'm a Dominican girl in the Saint Cloud, Florida area with a passion for creating beautiful spaces. I also really like coffee, so why don’t we share a cup together? (Or two!).

As a Virtual Interior Designer, I believe every home should be three things: creative, stylish, and functional in the easiest way possible. Let's make your house a 𝐇𝐨𝐦𝐞!

Sound like you? Great! Let’s get started.

Before you get any further... 
let me introduce myself! Hi, I'm Laura


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