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Decoration Trends for 2020

Jan 29

With the start of a new journey around the sun, we can receive a new series of decoration trends from 2020. If you wonder what is going to be great this new year, I have it covered.

Read on to take a look at the future and learn about 5 decorating trends you’ll see everywhere this year.

I know that trends are fickle things. So don’t stress if something you love that might be coming out. Trends come and go in cycles, so it’s likely to come back before you know it.

Not to mention, that I firmly believe in design with the pieces and styles that you love more than the trends that others say are in.

But with all that cleared up, it’s still fun to look into the future and see what’s coming!

So without further ado, these are the decorating trends that, according to design gurus, will be the top stars in 2020.

Decor trend 1


Clutter is out, which means the design world is looking for ways to incorporate decor into furniture. We are seeing this desire appear in two key places: ornate and sculptural furniture and decorative pieces.

Decor trend 2


What comes after the straw and the rattan? Pieces with grooved or channeled surfaces are one of the main decoration trends for 2020.

These furnishings with surface treatments are the next post-madness obsession in 2019 with natural textures.

Not to mention that these pieces will bring an 80’s Deco vibe that gives them a beautiful dose of nostalgia, and who can tell you that it hasn’t?

Decor trend 3


Lighting with minimal industrial vibes is another trend that will be everywhere this 2020. It is becoming incredibly sculptural by mixing stone and black metal to create beautiful shapes, why not have form and function together in one piece?

Decor trend 4


I don’t need to explain the trend of the Midcentury modern, which has been popular for more than a decade.

Although talking about this style for a few years was synonymous with describing a scene taken from the “Mad Men set”, today you will see designs with this style transform into something more organic and bohemian.

Organic modernism is the softest and earthiest aspect of the midcentury modern. This new version is more interested in shapes, materials, colors, and movement.


While maximalism was interested in exaggerated spaces, minimalism was about form, function, and “less is more.”

These two trends coexisted in 2019, and they are likely to thank each other for their own popularity.

But for this 2020, we see a new design trend on the horizon that combines these styles. Meet minimalist maximalism! If that sounds like an oxymoron to you, then you have the right idea.

This trend is exactly what it seems: a style that plays on the unlikely combination of a maximalist’s love for patterns, colors, textures, and minimalist’s design principles and everything in between.

The look basically boils down to a space designed with a highly curated mix of statement pieces in very minimal style. Think stunning furniture with minimal shapes and no extra frills or decorative clutter.

These 2020 decorating trends combine our culture’s current obsession with clutter (thank you, Marie Kondo!) And our desire to create a design that showcases our unique style and personality.

We are seeing a new interest in the material as ornamentation.

Rather than adding more decor, we are focusing on the decorative nature of materials such as marble, velvet, and woven textures.

These materials provide a decorative element without adding more things. Therefore, creating a space full of beauty free of excesses.



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