Essential Storages: Bookshelves Styling 101


You have been browsing every corner of your home when you finally decided to refresh your living room and all its furniture. Everything is going great! Set it up the way you want it, and you’re ready to congratulate yourself (or sipping a deserved cup of coffee on your new sofa) when you realize something is missing – all your decor! From your coffee table to your bookshelves, finding those key items to fill the empty surfaces in your new room can be challenging.

To help, i will be sharing my best design tips for every surface in your home. Today I present my top tips for filling your bookshelves.✨

Contemporary Bookshelves


If you need a shelf that balances style with function, this approach could be your perfect solution. Start with the essentials and use your bookshelf as a primary hub for books, baskets, and small storage spaces. It would give you a good combination of open and closed shelving.

Make sure you don’t overload your shelves with items, as this can make it feel more crowded than cured. As a finishing touch, add some decorative accents like succulents, some small pieces of art, or some unique decorative objects.

Minimalist Modern Bookshelves


If you are looking for your bookshelf that embraces shape and function, this could be your perfect style. With a modern and minimalist design, your shelf will be decorative but will never be saturated.

This narrow focus means treating the space more like a vehicle to showcase some well-selected artwork and objects. Of course, you can still use it to store books, but consider fewer carefully selected volumes.

EXTRA TIP: Try putting large, bulky items on the bottom shelves to elevate the visual! It will help you create balance and direct attention to the most delicate and eye-catching pieces on top.

Eclectic Bookshelves


If breaking the rules is what you’re after, try a more eclectic style. Play by mixing unique elements such as vases, bowls, or your favorite decorative objects. The beauty aspect about eclectic is making unexpected design decisions, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and show off some pieces that you wouldn’t traditionally think of putting on a shelf.

Stylist Note: Eclectic doesn’t mean sloppy or random, so be sure to keep the design balanced. A great way to do this is to choose a theme or color palette to help guide your style approach and ensure that the results feel consistent.

Another great tip is to choose items of different heights and shapes and stagger them along the shelves. It will keep your bookshelf from feeling too combined and create a lovely layered effect.



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