Consultation services

Traditional in-home interior design consultations begin at over $200, but for less than the cost of a meal for two, you’ll receive professional design advice on your space. 

Insane Value

Being stuck in design paralysis is the worst! Our service allows you to receive personalized design advice from an expert, directly to your inbox, within 24 hours

Fast Turnaround

There isn't anything cookie-cutter about your home, and that is the reason we take the time to personalize our service to your special needs.

Tailored Design Advice




Per Room

At only $39 per room, it has never been more affordable to get a virtual designer’s advice on your space! Upload photos + ask questions and we will send you a response with personalized advice in less than 24 hours.

Imagine having designer-backed confidence to decorate your space without costly mistakes or second-guessing!

Coffee Date


the Details

Once you book your session and make the payment below, you can download the worksheet which will allow you to write down your thoughts and questions prior to our chat! Please send it at least a day before we chat.

My goal is to answer all of your questions and get your thinking about actionable steps on moving forward. I am also more than happy to send you a recap of our conversation by email.  - it all depends on your needs!

I want you to leave excited and ready to take the next step so if you feel you need more than just one hour you can schedule additional time. I look forward to getting to chat with you soon!

cant wait  to chat!

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